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Fast and Secure Inter-process Communication on JDK 16 - Inside Java Newscast #11#video#java‑16
JDK 16's socket channel / server-socket channel API can use Unix domain sockets for faster and more secure inter-process communication on the same host - also: JDK 17 final release candidate and Oracle Developer Live
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Random Numbers and JDK Flight Recorder - Inside Java Newscast #9#video#java‑16 #java‑17 #random #performance #tools
The new API for random number generation in Java 17 - why it needed to change and how the new API is more usable, extensible, and robust - and how to get started with JDK Flight Recorder, particularly on Java 16.
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Why Java's Records Are Better* Than Lombok's @Data and Kotlin's Data Classes#post#java‑16 #records #rant
While all three remove boilerplate, the similarities don't go much further. Records have stronger semantics with important downstream benefits, which makes them better*. (* not always; depends on circumstances; excuse the clickbait)
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Quicker Java and JDK 16 compatibility - Inside Java Newscast #3#video#java‑16 #vector #java‑17
A walk through language features, APIs, and JDK capabilities that make Java quicker to use with less ceremony and more immediate results. Also, a rundown of some of the projects with all tests green on JDK 16.
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Vector API, Record Serialization, And Java 17 Release Schedule - Inside Java Newscast #2#video#java‑16 #vector #java‑17
Short introduction to the Vector API (incubating in JDK 16) and an update on serializing records. Also, a quick mention of JEP 356 in JDK 17 and the proposed release schedule.
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Java 16 Rundown, First Of Java 17 - Inside Java Newscast #1#video#java‑16 #java‑17
Java 16 got released, so I go over most of the additions like records, Stream APIs, Unix Domain Socket support, and much more. Then there's a first glimpse at Java 17.
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Definitive Guide To Java 16#post#java‑16
A detailed guide to Java 16: records, type patterns, sealed classes; Stream and HTTP/2 additions, Unix domain socket support; Project Panama previews, packaging tool, performance improvements, and more
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Code-First Unix Domain Socket Tutorial#post#java‑16
Java's socket channel / server-socket channel API can use Unix domain sockets for faster and more secure inter-process communication on the same host
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Type Pattern Matching with instanceof#post#java‑16 #java‑basics #pattern‑matching
Type patters with instanceof are Java's first step towards pattern matching. Motivation, syntax, details, and future applications - here's all you need to know.
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Broken Stream::group with Java 16's mapMulti#post#java‑16 #streams
Java 16 adds a new method mapMulti to Stream and it can be abused to simulate a reverse-flatMap aka group operation (with shortcomings).
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Faster flatMaps with Stream::mapMulti in Java 16#post#java‑16 #streams #performance
Java 16 adds a new method mapMulti to Stream. It fills the same role as flatMap, but is more imperative - and faster.