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Code Reviews At Disy - Observations#post#code‑review #techniques
After reviewing almost all code we wrote for 18 months, completing some 1'500 reviews, we want to share some recommendations.
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Code Reviews At Disy - How We Review#post#code‑review #techniques
After setting out to create a peer review culture we came up with a workflow and picked a tool (yes, Crucible) that would help us get there.
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Code Reviews At Disy - Where We Were And What We Wanted#post#code‑review #techniques
At Disy we review almost all the code we write. Here, we want to share why that was not always the case and how we started with code reviews.
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A Doomed Code Review#post#code‑review #techniques
Code reviews should be brief, short, and focused. This is the story of how I fucked up on all those accounts and we still made it work.