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Java 19 in Action - Inside Java Newscast #33#video#java‑19 #project‑loom
Among other things, Java 19 ships with virtual threads, structured concurrency APIs, sealed types, and pattern matching in switch - all of them as previews, but still very cool! I'm using these features here to create a GitHub crawler.
String Templates, JavaFX 19, Deserialization, and more at JavaOne - Inside Java Newscast #32#video#javafx #java‑19 #serialization
String templates make it easy and safe to embed variables and expressions in strings; JavaFX 19 comes with many improvements, chief among them derived observables; and the deserialization filter can keep apps safe from certain attacks. More on all of this at JavaOne!
Java 19 - The Best Java Release? - Inside Java Newscast #27#video#java‑19 #project‑amber #project‑loom #project‑panama
Java 19 is the first release to preview Project Loom's virtual threads and structured concurrency, Project Amber's record patterns, and Project Panama's foreign memory and function APIs. It also continues previews of pattern matching in switch and vector API. Put together, this makes it the most groundbreaking Java release in years and probably for years to come!