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Does Java 22 Kill Build Tools? - Inside Java Newscast #63#video#java‑22 #on‑ramp
Java 22 brings multi source-file execution to the platform. It allows us to run programs consisting of multiple source files and even dependencies with just a simple java command. For experienced developers, this will make exploration and experimentation simpler but it's a real game changer for people just learning Java or even just to program: They can now write Java code from single to multiple source files and even add dependencies before they need to consider an IDE or build tool.
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Java Highlights of 2023 - Inside Java Newscast #60#video#turn‑of‑the-year #on‑ramp #java‑8 #community #meta
2023 is coming to a close and it was quite a year for Java! Let's look back at some of the highlights: on-ramp improvements, why Java 8 is dying, JVMLS, community achievements, and how cool our YouTube channel is. 😊
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Script Java Easily in 21 and Beyond - Inside Java Newscast #49#video#java‑basics #on‑ramp
To give Java and programming beginners a better learning path, JEP 445 proposes to allow stand-alone main methods that are non-public, non-static, and don't have an args array and we're also JEP draft for multi-file programs
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The Simplest Hello World - Inside Java Newscast #35#video#project‑amber #on‑ramp
Visibility, classes, methods, instance and static members, parameters - a newcomer to programming needs to learn all of these concepts to truly understand a simple hello-world program in Java. Time to make that simpler and cut down on what needs to be known up front.
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Scripting Java 11, Shebang And All#post#java‑11 #tools #on‑ramp
On Java 11+, you can run a single source file without compiling it. Beyond experimentation, you can write scripts this way. Even shebang is supported!