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GraalVM In OpenJDK And More JavaOne Announcements - Inside Java Newscast #36#video#community #java‑8 #java‑17 #openjdk #performance
Oracle will contribute GraalVM's just-in-time compiler and native image technology to OpenJDK. It will also create EA and GA builds for JavaFX 20+ and is hard at work at creating generational ZGC to vastly improve ZGC's already impressive performance. And then there's the Java SE Subscription Enterprise Performance Pack, a drop-in replacement for JDK 8 with JDK 17 performance.
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Faster LTS and free JDK with Java 17 - Inside Java Newscast #12#video#java‑17
Java 17 comes with more than just new features. A faster LTS cadence and free Oracle JDK make this the best-supported modern release ever.
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Better Random Number Generation in Java 17#post#java‑17 #random
Java 17 expands the API for random number generation to make it more usable, extensible, and robust with RandomGenerator and RandomGeneratorFactory at its core.
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Random Numbers and JDK Flight Recorder - Inside Java Newscast #9#video#java‑16 #java‑17 #random #performance #tools
The new API for random number generation in Java 17 - why it needed to change and how the new API is more usable, extensible, and robust - and how to get started with JDK Flight Recorder, particularly on Java 16.
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Incremental Evolution, Pattern Switches vs Visitor Pattern, and Wayland Support - Inside Java Newscast #8#video#java‑17 #project‑panama #pattern‑matching #sealed #patterns
How the six-month release cadence enabled a more incremental evolution of the Java platform and how pattern switches and sealed classes are an alternative to the visitor pattern. Also, maybe Wayland support for Java.
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Java 17: Features and Development - Inside Java Newscast #6#video#java‑17 #openjdk
Java 17, the next long-term support release, enters feature freeze and the release preparations begin today (June 10th). A good time to take a closer look at the list of JEPs as well as the development process.
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Quicker Java and JDK 16 compatibility - Inside Java Newscast #3#video#java‑16 #vector #java‑17
A walk through language features, APIs, and JDK capabilities that make Java quicker to use with less ceremony and more immediate results. Also, a rundown of some of the projects with all tests green on JDK 16.
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Vector API, Record Serialization, And Java 17 Release Schedule - Inside Java Newscast #2#video#java‑16 #vector #java‑17
Short introduction to the Vector API (incubating in JDK 16) and an update on serializing records. Also, a quick mention of JEP 356 in JDK 17 and the proposed release schedule.
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Java 16 Rundown, First Of Java 17 - Inside Java Newscast #1#video#java‑16 #java‑17
Java 16 got released, so I go over most of the additions like records, Stream APIs, Unix Domain Socket support, and much more. Then there's a first glimpse at Java 17.
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Java After Seventeen#talk#java‑17 #java‑18 #java‑19 #java‑20 #java‑21
A live-coding talk during which I update a Java 11/17 code base to Java 21, making good use of new language features, additional and improved APIs, and JVM capabilities