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How To Use switch In Modern Java#post#switch #pattern‑matching
Since Java 14 introduced switch expressions, using switch isn't as straight-forward as it used to be: colons or arrows, statement or expression, labels or patterns? Here's how to best use switch in modern Java.
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Handling null and Upgrading Past Java 8 - Inside Java Newscast #7#video#migration #optional #switch #project‑valhalla
Dealing with null is never fun, so in this newscast, I explain how to best handle it, what tools can do, and how recent and upcoming language changes help dealing with it. I'll also look at a recent blog post about how Netflix upgraded from Java 8 to 16.
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Pattern Matching in Switches and Security Manager Deprecation - Inside Java Newscast #5#video#switch #pattern‑matching #deprecation
JEP 406, which is a candidate for Java 17, introduced pattern matching in switch statements and expressions, introduces guarded patterns, and improves null handling. Then we need to talk about JEP 411's deprecation of the security manager.
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Definitive Guide To Switch Expressions In Java 13#post#java‑13 #java‑basics #switch
Java 13 finalized switch expressions. Together with a new lambda-style arrow syntax, this makes switch more expressive and less error-prone.
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First Contact with Switch Expressions in Java 12#video#java‑12 #switch
With Java 12, switch is no longer just a statement, but becomes an expression. Let's take a look!