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Data-Oriented Programming - Inside Java Newscast #29#video#records #sealed #pattern‑matching #patterns #techniques
Data-oriented programming focuses on modeling data as data (instead of as objects). Records for data and sealed types for alternatives let us model immutable data where illegal states are unrepresentable. Combined with pattern matching we get a safe, powerful, and maintainable approach to ad-hoc polymorphism that lets us define operations on the data without overloading it with functionality.
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Best Practices Considered Harmful#talk#techniques
A lightning talk about how best practices promote a one-size-fits all mentality that harms our ability to create solutions that are tailored to the problems at hand
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Code Reviews At Disy - Observations#post#code‑review #techniques
After reviewing almost all code we wrote for 18 months, completing some 1'500 reviews, we want to share some recommendations.
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Code Reviews At Disy - How We Review#post#code‑review #techniques
After setting out to create a peer review culture we came up with a workflow and picked a tool (yes, Crucible) that would help us get there.
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Code Reviews At Disy - Where We Were And What We Wanted#post#code‑review #techniques
At Disy we review almost all the code we write. Here, we want to share why that was not always the case and how we started with code reviews.
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A Doomed Code Review#post#code‑review #techniques
Code reviews should be brief, short, and focused. This is the story of how I fucked up on all those accounts and we still made it work.
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Getting Rid Of Anonymous Classes#post#java‑8 #lambda #techniques
Anonymous classes are verbose and obfuscating. Functional implementations can oust them from their last strongholds (mainly abstract classes).
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Impulse: "Workflows of Refactoring"#post#impulse #techniques
Discussing the keynote "Workflows of Refactoring" by Martin Fowler at OOP 2014, where he categorizes different reasons for and ways of refactoring.
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Foobar#post#meta #techniques #record‑args
A foobar post that may accidentally teach you about Foobar.