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New (Sequenced) Collections In Java 21 - Inside Java Newscast #45#video#collections #java‑21
All lists, some sets, and some maps have an encounter order, but the collections framework has no type to capture this property and define operations like getting or removing first and last elements or iterating in reverse order. Sequenced collections will fix that in Java 21.
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24 Java Features You Missed In 2022 - Inside Java Newscast #39#video#collections #documentation #java‑18 #java‑19 #pattern‑matching #performance #records
JDK 18 and JDK 19 preview a number of big ticket features but they also come with a lot of smaller improvements. Here are 24 less-known features that were added to Java in 2022. Among them additions to Future and ForkJoinPool, to HashSet and HashMap, Security and GC improvements, Custom Localized Date-Time Formats and an Internet Address Resolution SPI, and much more.
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Sequenced Collections, Purity, and more at JavaOne - Inside Java Newscast #31#video#collections #lambda
Sequenced collections introduce an abstraction for collections with a known encounter order like all lists and some sets and maps. It will be easy to add, get, or remove the first and last elements and to iterate or stream in reverse order. We're also discussing immutable collections and pure functions. More on all of this at JavaOne!
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Why Don't They Just... ?! The Deliberations Behind Evolving Java#talk#streams #optional #records #collections
There are many nifty features that Java could have but doesn't. Somewhat surprisingly, there are reasons for that and in this talk I'll discuss those for a few concrete cases as well as the deliberations behind such decisions.
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Immutable Collections In Java - Not Now, Not Ever#post#collections
The JDK contains immutable collections, but no type ImmutableCollection. Here's why that's so and why it won't change.
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Code-First Java 9 Tutorial#post#java‑9 #migration #streams #optional #collections #j_ms
Showing code for the most important Java 9 features: private interface methods, stream and optional APIs, collection factories, reactive streams, stack walking, multi-release JARs, redirected platform logging, unified logging, the module system, and more. If you're new to Java 9, start here.
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Transforming Collections#post#collections #libfx
Transforming collections are a view onto another collection, making it appear to be of a different parametric type. They are available in LibFX 0.3.0.
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Test Collection Implementations with Guava#post#collections #libraries #testing
Here's how to use Guava-Testlib to easily and thoroughly test your own Java collection implementations.