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I regularly stream on Twitch, speak at conferences and occasionally join or organize an event. Here's the schedule for the coming months.

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September 2021

Thu2nd17:00 UTC

JUnit Pioneer

Working on PRs, issues, and maybe new extensions

on Twitch
Tue14th15:00 UTC

Java 17 AMA

Java 17 comes out with LTS and license changes - ask me anything about all that

on Twitch
Thu16th17:00 UTC

JUnit Pioneer on Java 17

Exploring how much the Pioneer code base benefits from Java 17

on Twitch
Thu23rd17:00 UTC

JUnit Pioneer on JUnit 5.8

JUnit 5.8 comes out and we'll explore its features and what that means for JUnit Pioneer

on Twitch
Tue28th06:00 UTC


A conference I co-organize: 3 tracks with 15 slots, focussing on Java with a spicy side dish of JavaScript and operations, aimed at experienced and expert-level developers.

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Thu30th17:00 UTC

Module Troubles // Gunnar Morling

After I recently asked people to post their problems with the module system on Twitter and Reddit, Gunnar and I will go through the replies and see whether we can help.

on Twitch

December 2021

Tue7th13:00 UTC

Java 17 Is Here!

In this talk, I introduce the Java language features, new/updated APIs, and new JVM capabilities that recent Java releases brought to the ecosystem

at IT-Tage