Schedule For Streams, Talks, Courses


I regularly stream on Twitch, speak at conferences and occasionally give Java courses in a public forum. Here's the schedule for the coming months.

The events are color-coded:
streams are purple, courses are blue
talks are pink, and I love you. 😊

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December 2020

Wed2nd to Thu3rd

Java 9 to 15

A 2-day course on Java 9 to 15: From new language features, APIs, and JVM capabilities to migration challenges, JDK distributions, and the 6-month release cycle.

at DOAG - Berliner Expertenseminar
Sat5th15:15 UTC

Java 16 Is Coming!

In this talk, I introduce the Java language features, new/updated APIs, and new JVM capabilities that recent Java releases brought to the ecosystem

at jLove