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5 Secret Java API Tricks and Record Semantics - Inside Java Newscast #4#video#records
Five nifty Java API features that you need to know (and many more in the linked thread) and a quick explanation why Java records are not about reducing boilerplate.
Why Java's Records Are Better* Than Lombok's @Data and Kotlin's Data Classes#post#java‑16 #records #rant
While all three remove boilerplate, the similarities don't go much further. Records have stronger semantics with important downstream benefits, which makes them better*. (* not always; depends on circumstances; excuse the clickbait)
Why Don't They Just... ?! The Deliberations Behind Evolving Java#talk#streams #optional #records #collections
There are many nifty features that Java could have but doesn't. Somewhat surprisingly, there are reasons for that and in this talk I'll discuss those for a few concrete cases as well as the deliberations behind such decisions.