Random musings about libraries, frameworks, tools, content creation, StackOverflow questions, conferences, tweets, SciFi, Lego, and more

For a few years now, I have been writing a newsletter - first weekly, now every few months - about whatever recently caught my interest or what I'm working on. I might be talking about some library, framework, or tool I am using at the time, what I've written or read that might interest you, progress on a project I am working on, interesting questions I saw on StackOverflow, conference visits, odd tweets, anything really that connects to Java, software development, or content creation.

Also SciFi and Lego!

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If you want to take a look, I publish each newsletter a few days later on Medium. It's less polished than the blog, but not as meandering as the live streams - good middle ground, I'd say. 😉 I'd be delighted to have you around!


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