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Scaling Simply with Virtual Threads#talk#project‑loom #java‑21
How a community of Java enthusiasts drives innovation for 15 years, turning ideas into designs into code into features you can use in your IDE
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New (Sequenced) Collections In Java 21 - Inside Java Newscast #45#video#collections #java‑21
All lists, some sets, and some maps have an encounter order, but the collections framework has no type to capture this property and define operations like getting or removing first and last elements or iterating in reverse order. Sequenced collections will fix that in Java 21.
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Java After Seventeen#talk#java‑17 #java‑18 #java‑19 #java‑20 #java‑21
A live-coding talk during which I update a Java 11/17 code base to Java 21, making good use of new language features, additional and improved APIs, and JVM capabilities