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Java 21 Pattern Matching Tutorial#video#java‑21 #pattern‑matching #java‑basics
Java 21 is the first Java release with all essential pattern matching features finalized: sealed types, type patterns, an improved switch, records, and record patterns. This tutorial puts them all together.
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Modern Java in Action#talk#java‑21 #virtual‑threads #pattern‑matching #records
Let's write a GitHub Crawler and let's throw in everything Java (22) has to offer
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Upgrading From Java 17 To 21: All You Need To Know#video#java‑21 #migration
Java 21 is chock-full of great features but that's for naught of you can't actually upgrade, so I've collected all potential upgrade hurdles and we'll go over every issue that you may encounter on the road from Java 17 to 21
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Java 21 is no LTS Version - Inside Java Newscast #52#video#java‑21
Let's separate Java from JDK, OpenJDK from its vendors, and maintenance from support, so we better understand how the ecosystem functions and what long-term support really means.
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Java 21 - The Other Side - Inside Java Newscast #51#video#java‑21
OMG, how is there even more in JDK 21?! Scoped values preview, key encapsulation mechanism API, a new JFR command, and various API improvements. Generational Shenandoah is out, though, and it doesn't look good for the 32-bit Windows port either.
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All That is in Java 21?! 😱 - Inside Java Newscast #50#video#java‑21
JDK 21 is almost too good to be true: It finalizes virtual threads, sequenced collections, generational ZGC, and the pattern matching basics; and evolves and introduces over half a dozen other features.
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Scaling Simply with Virtual Threads#talk#project‑loom #java‑21
Virtual threads combine the simplicity of blocking code with the resource efficiency and scalability of reactive programming and in this talk you're going to learn how they do that and how you can use them in your project
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New (Sequenced) Collections In Java 21 - Inside Java Newscast #45#video#collections #java‑21
All lists, some sets, and some maps have an encounter order, but the collections framework has no type to capture this property and define operations like getting or removing first and last elements or iterating in reverse order. Sequenced collections will fix that in Java 21.
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Java After Seventeen#talk#java‑17 #java‑18 #java‑19 #java‑20 #java‑21
A live-coding talk during which I update a Java 11/17 code base to Java 21, making good use of new language features, additional and improved APIs, and JVM capabilities