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All About JDK 18 - Inside Java Newscast #21#video#java‑18 #project‑amber #project‑panama #pattern‑matching #tools #reflection #documentation
Refinements in pattern matching and Panama's foreign and vector APIs; a new command jwebserver and a new IP address resolution SPI; preparing code for UTF-8 becoming the default character set and for the eventual removal of finalization; and a few more bits and pieces.
Configuring Maven For Compiled And Tested Code In Javadoc#post#java‑18 #documentation #tools
For JDK 18's / JEP 413's embedded snippets to be compiled and tested by your Maven build, they need to be added to a source set, Surefire needs to pick them up, and Javadoc needs to know their location - here's how to do that.
Compiled And Tested Code In Javadoc - Inside Java Newscast #20#video#java‑18 #documentation
Short code snippets in Javadoc are a great way to document an API, but they're brittle. JDK 18 / JEP 413 solves that problem by allowing us to reference snippets from external files that are compiled and tested.
Project Loom Brings Structured Concurrency - Inside Java Newscast #17#video#java‑18 #project‑loom
Project Loom aims to bring structured concurrency to Java, a concept that compares to "regular" concurrency like structured programming compares to GOTO-programming - let's dip our toes into this new concept. Also: JDK 18 feature freeze, JDK migration guide, and nifty things to do with the new simple web server.
What Happens to Finalization in JDK 18? - Inside Java Newscast #15#video#java‑18 #migration #reflection
Finalization was part of Java from day one to help developers manage resources but it turns out that it's really not good at that. Here's why and what's gonna happen next. Also, reflection and method handles.