Live Streams


I regularly stream on Twitch - mostly live-coding sessions, but also the occasional game or a conversation with a guest - and would love to see you there


For starters, here are the next two scheduled streams:

Tue9th18:00 UTC

Extending ModiTect // Gunnar Morling

We'll continue our efforts to teach Moditect the creation of application class-path images

on Twitch
Tue16th18:00 UTC

Java 16 Release Party 🥂

Java 16 is out today, so I'll grab something fancy to drink and have fun with the new release. I'll introduce its features and then we'll have Stuart Marks (1900 UTC) and Chris Hegarty (2000 UTC) over to talk about API evolution and records.

on Twitch

For a further look into the future, check the full schedule.


Here's what you can expect to see on stream.

Exploring Java

One of the things I'm most interested in are new Java features. Be it language, API, or JVM improvements, I'm always curious to dig into them and I often do that on stream.

JUnit Pioneer

At least twice a month, I work on JUnit Pioneer, a JUnit 5 extension pack. It's full-on project maintenance, from working through issues to reviewing pull requests to configuring infrastructure. Of course there's a lot of coding as well when existing extensions get, err, extended or new ones are created from scratch.

Gatsby and

I've built this site with Gatsby, parts of it on stream, and I've got plenty of ideas for how to improve it further. Much of that will also happen on stream. Expect tinkering with React, JSX, HTML, and CSS.


I occasionally play games and I'll definitely play Cyberpunk 2077! And sometimes we play together - Stellaris for example, or Pandemic (with an actual board!).


Occasionally, there are guests. I had Oliver Drotbohm over for a conversation about modularity in Java, Maurice Naftalin to discuss recent Java developments, Sadiq Jaffer to dig into helpful NPE stack reconstruction, and a few more. Is there anybody whose opinion on a Java topic you're interested in? Let me know, maybe we can make it happen.