Fast and Secure Inter-process Communication on JDK 16 - Inside Java Newscast #11

JDK 16's socket channel / server-socket channel API can use Unix domain sockets for faster and more secure inter-process communication on the same host - also: JDK 17 final release candidate and Oracle Developer Live

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Welcome everyone, to the Inside Java Newscast where we cover recent developments in the OpenJDK community. I'm Nicolai Parlog, Java developer advocate at Oracle and today we're gonna talk about faster and more secure inter-process communication with JDK 16's Unix domain sockets (even on Windows).

Just one topic? I knew it, Jose spoiled you! I asked him to hold back, but oh no, he decided to totally upstage me and come out with four topics. Remember that one time, when I was proud I had three? Four! That man, unbelievable. So to compensate, we're gonna have just one topic today.

Ready? Then let's dive right in!

Unix Domain Sockets

[... snip this part - my code-first Unix domain socket tutorials goes a but further with more examples ...]

Bits & Bytes

I got two shorter pieces of news for you:

  1. JDK 17's first release candidate that Jose talked about in the last Newscast didn't need any changes and so it's now the final release candidate. That means unless it's a hair-on-fire emergency, there will be zero changes between now and September 14th.
  2. Oracle Developer Live will take place on September 14th for the Americas and September 16th for the rest of the world. It's a free online event all around Java innovations - if you're interested, I'll leave a link in the description.


And that's it for today on the Inside Java Newscast. If you have any questions about Unix domain sockets, ask ahead in the comments below and if you enjoy this kind of content, help us spread the word with a like or by sharing this video with your friends and colleagues. I'll see you again in two weeks. So long...