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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018#post#turn‑of-the-year
2017 draws to a close and 2018 is knocking. My annual review and preview went to my newsletter, so subscribe or head over to Medium to read them.
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Hello 2017!#post#turn‑of-the-year
To finish all the projects I started in 2016, I will have to be disciplined and focused in 2017. Discipline and focus, what delightful words to start 2017.
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Goodbye 2016, Sorry For Fucking Up#post#turn‑of-the-year
Besides humanity as a whole fucking up 2016, it went well for me professionally. Maybe because I only cared about me? Possible...
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Hello 2016!#post#turn‑of-the-year
In 2016 I want to continue blogging, branch out into new areas, work on my private projects, learn me a Haskell, and prevent exhaustion.Wow, so much to do.
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Goodbye 2015!#post#turn‑of-the-year
2015 is over and I'm looking back.How did it go, which things worked out and which didn't. And how come I'm feeling so tired recently.
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Hello 2015!#post#turn‑of-the-year
I'm laying out my new year's resolutions for 2015.
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Goodbye 2014!#post#turn‑of-the-year
I'm taking a look at my open source contributions and blogging achievements in 2014.