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How Project Valhalla And JSpecify Can Kill NPEs#video#project‑valhalla #libraries #conversation
Project Valhalla's value types need to be aware of which instance can be null and which can't, so the JVM can inline them. So will Java get a null-aware type system after all? Not quite, but it may get close and JSpecify can help with some of those steps.
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Modern Java - Ask Me Anything#talk#java‑next #conversation
New language features, API additions, and JVM improvements; projects Amber, Loom, and Panama, Valhalla, Leyden, and Babylon; shorter release cadence and free Oracle JDK - there's a lot going on in modern Java. I'll do my best to answer all your questions about it.
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State of Pattern Matching with Brian Goetz#video#project‑amber #pattern‑matching #conversation
Conversation with Project Amber lead Brian Goetz about pattern matching in Java: Why Map::get should be a pattern, the linear thinking trap and how it impacts null handling in pattern matched, exhaustiveness in switch statements and the rehabilitation of switch.
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The State of Project Valhalla with Brian Goetz#video#conversation #project‑valhalla
Conversation with Project Valhalla lead Brian Goetz about Java's original sin, unifying the type system, expanding generics, current work, the project timeline, and more.
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The State of Project Panama with Maurizio Cimadamore#video#conversation #project‑panama
Conversation with Project Panama lead Maurizio Cimadamore about the project's core mission, the split into foreign-memory access and foreign linker APIs, jextract, performance, interaction with Project Valhalla, the timeline, and more.
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The State of Project Loom with Ron Pressler#video#conversation #project‑loom
Conversation with Project Loom lead Ron Pressler about the project's core mission, challenges like interaction with debuggers and garbage collectors, the timeline for the next steps, compatibility and more.
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26 Hours of Java#event#conversation #community
On May 29th we'll throw a late birthday party for Java, which turned 26 a few days before. With a 26-hour live stream relay race! 🥳
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Java's Quirks and Wrong (?) Defaults with Brian Goetz#video#conversation #migration #optional #serialization
Mutability, nullability, serialization, primitives - Nicolai Parlog discusses with Java language architect Brian Goetz why Java is the way it is.
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25 Hours of Java#event#conversation #community
On May 23rd 2020, Java turns 25 🥳 and what better way to celebrate its birthday than with a 25-hour live stream? (On Twitch: https://twitch.tv/nipafx)
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Modularity with Oliver Drotbohm#video#architecture #conversation #j_ms
Oliver and I discuss modularity in Java with a focus on the Java module system
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The Java Module System with Sander Mak#video#conversation #j_ms
At J-Fall 2018 I talked to Sander Mak, modularity expert at Luminis, about the Java module system (J_MS), its adoption, how it compares to OSGi, and more.
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Maven 3 / 4 / 5 with Robert Scholte#video#conversation #tools
Maven is one of the cornerstones of the Java ecosystem - here I talk with Robert Scholte, Chairman of the Apache Maven projects