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Everybody talks about clean code, but what about clean comments? They are needed just as much and these posts explain why.

I recommend to read my posts on clean comments in the following order:

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Comment Your Fucking Code!#post#clean‑code #clean‑comments #documentation #rant
You think your code is so clean that it doesn't need comments? Then this rant is just for you!
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Thoughts On Comments#post#clean‑code #clean‑comments #documentation
My rant to comment your fucking code sparked some interesting conversations. Here we discuss some of your and my thoughts on the topic of comments.
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A Taxonomy Of Comments#post#clean‑comments #documentation
A taxonomy of source code comments that enables further discussion about clean code and comments.
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Costs And Benefits Of Comments#post#clean‑comments #documentation
As with most things in software development the ultimate currency for comments is time. This is an analysis of the costs and benefits of comments.