The State of Project Valhalla with Brian Goetz

Conversation with Project Valhalla lead Brian Goetz about Java's original sin, unifying the type system, expanding generics, current work, the project timeline, and more.

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Hi everyone,

I'm nipafx (but you can call me Nicolai) and today it's gonna be you, me, Brian Goetz, and the state of Project Valhalla! Brian is the lead of Project Valhalla, which aims to overcome Java's original sin: splitting the type system into primitives and reference types.

Brian and I talked about all things Valhalla: unifying the type system, expanding generics, current work in JDK Enhancement Proposals 401 and 402, the project timeline, and more. Speaking of the JEPs, it's helpful to have read them before watching the conversation - they're linked in the description. Down there you'll also find time stamps to various parts of the conversation, so you can jump to what interests you most.

Ready? Then let's get it on!

Table of Contents


Uh, what a cliff hanger! At this point, the conversation left Project Valhalla behind and got into pattern matching and Project Amber. Let me know in the comments if you're interested in that and I may end up uploading it as well. Other than that, do all the YouTube things and I'll see you in the next one! So long...