26 Hours of Java

On May 29th we'll throw a late birthday party for Java, which turned 26 a few days before. With a 26-hour live stream relay race! 🥳

Yes, 26 hours of Java! There will be technical deep dives, interviews, conversations, and lots of code! Most importantly, it will be a lot of fun and I hope you join us on that fine Saturday in May.


Same time like last year (but an hour longer of course!):

  • where Java was born: 11 PM (28th) to 1 AM (30th) PDT
  • where the clock lives: 0600 (29th) to 0800 (30th) UTC
  • where I live: 0800 (29th) to 1000 (30th) CEST


This year, I won't be doing it alone (we're all getting old, even the Mona Lisa is falling apart). Instead, there are a few other cool Java streamers who will take over some of those 26 hours:

Think of this as a relay race - each of us will stream on their own channel and hand over the baton to the next when the time comes.


Here's what we plan to dissect and discuss with you. We will have a few slides, guests, repos, and a rough idea where we're going, but the cool thing about a stream is that you're there with us, so you can ask questions, decide what to emphasize, and tell us where to go next.

6:007:00 UTC

Java 11-16 // StackOverflow

on Nicolai's Twitch

7:0013:00 UTC

JUnit Pioneer // hack.commit.push

Pioneer participates in hack.commit.push and Nicolai will stream his end of it.

on Nicolai's Twitch

13:0014:00 UTC

Discovering Quarkus

on Sebastian's YouTube

14:0015:00 UTC

Exploring JBang

on Sebastian's YouTube

15:0016:00 UTC

Developing Pacman

Sebastian has a Pacman clone with a Java backend and cool Kafka stuff that he'll be working on.

on Sebastian's YouTube

16:0017:00 UTC

Java AMA

on Nicolai's Twitch

17:0018:00 UTC

Ron Pressler // State of Loom

Ron Pressler, Lead of Project Loom, will be here to talk about the project.

on Nicolai's Twitch

18:0019:00 UTC

Maurizio Cimadamore // State of Panama

Maurizio Cimadamore, Lead of Project Panama, will be there to talk about the project.

on Nicolai's Twitch

19:0020:00 UTC

Brian Goetz // State of Amber & Valhalla

Brian Goetz, Lead of Projects Amber and Valhalla, will be there to talk about the projects.

on Nicolai's Twitch

20:0021:00 UTC

Exploring Java 17

Java 17 is entering the home stretch - let's look over the list of targeted JEPs.

on Nicolai's Twitch

21:0022:00 UTC

Pratik Patel // Java on Cloud

Pratik Patel is a technologist/futureist, former Lead Java Developer Advocate at IBM, Java Champion, and community organizer.

on KCJUG's YouTube

22:0023:00 UTC

Josh Long // Spring Native

Josh is a Spring Developer Advocate, Java Champion, author, podcaster, screencaster... just all the things and more.

on KCJUG's YouTube

23:000:00 UTC

Java, Java, Java

Billy does some live-coding.

on KCJUG's YouTube

0:005:00 UTC

Remote Mob Registration

Ted will work on his Remote Mob Registration System, built with Java 16, Spring Boot 2.5, and a Thymeleaf-based front-end. It goes without saying that it was lovingly TDD'd.

on Ted's Twitch

5:008:00 UTC

Why don't they just...?!

Nicolai needs to turn a bunch of blog posts and notes into a talk that he'll give just a few days later, so out of desperation, he works on it during the live stream. 🤦 It's a fun talk, though, about why Java doesn't have immutable collections, a truly monadic Optional, ?. for null-safe member selection, and more.

on Nicolai's Twitch