To Jupiter And Beyond - On An Exploratory Mission With JUnit Pioneer

JUnit Pioneer gathers JUnit 5 extensions. This talk discusses the technical aspects, but also the mission, dev practices, automatic releases, and what Twitch has to do with all of this.

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JUnit is a huge success and JUnit 5 is an amazing overhaul of a tried-and-true formula. One of its most enticing new designs is its extension model, which is where JUnit Pioneer comes in. It's a small project gathering all kinds of extensions.

In this talk, we're going to take a close look at the project and we won't just stick to the technical aspects:

  • JUnit 5 and its extension model
  • Pioneer's extensions
  • Pioneer's mission statement
  • how live-streaming on Twitch grew a community
  • organizational style, contribution guide
  • code style, Git practices, release considerations
  • how we use Shipkit and GitHub actions for one-click releases

If you're maintaining your own small open source project or are interested in a peek behind the scenes, this talk is for you.

Sketch notes of the presentation

(Amazing sketch notes were created by Johannes Dienst 🐦. 🤩)


Here's the current version of the slides.

I also embedded them below. If they're focussed, you can navigate with arrow keys or swipes (they're two-dimensional, with chapters on the horizontal axis and chapter content layed out vertically). Use Page Up/Down for linearized order and ? for more shortcuts.


Here's a good recording of the talk. I hope you'll like it.

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Past Presentations

I gave this talk a few times before. See below for links to slides (as they were at that very event), videos, and other information.