JUnit 5

In this talk, I introduce JUnit 5 from basic tests to more advanced features like nesting, parameterization, parallelization, and extensions. We also discuss its architecture and compatibility with JUnit 4.

Java's most ubiquitous library got an update! This talk...

  • shows you how to write tests with JUnit 5
  • walks you through the changes compared to JUnit 4
  • expands on nested, parameterized, parallel and other kinds of tests
  • tells you how to build your own JUnit 5 extensions
  • presents the new architecture
  • discusses compatibility with previous JUnit versions, IDEs, and other testing tools

Be careful, though: You might end up with an urge to start using it right away.


Here's the current version of the slides.

I also embedded them below. If they're focussed, you can navigate with arrow keys or swipes (they're two-dimensional, with chapters on the horizontal axis and chapter content layed out vertically). Use Page Up/Down for linearized order and ? for more shortcuts.

Past Presentations

I gave this talk a few times before. See below for links to slides (as they were at that very event), videos, and other information.


Sat, Nov 9th, 13:30 Europe/BerlinJUnit 5
at GDG DevFest Karlsruhe
Karlsruhe, Duale Hochschule, Erzbergerstraße 121


Tue, May 16th, 15:45 Europe/RigaJUnit 5
at Riga DevDays
Riga, Kino Citadele, Room 6
Tue, Mar 28th, 13:00 Europe/BerlinJUnit 5
at JavaLand
Brühl, Phantasialand, Eventhalle
Thu, Feb 16th, 11:40 Europe/BerlinJUnit 5
at Frankfurter Entwicklertag
Frankfurt, Goethe-Universität – Casino Gebäude, Seminarraum 1.812
Thu, Feb 9th, 10:20 Europe/HelsinkiJUnit 5
at European Testing Conference
Helsinki, Wanha Satama
Wed, Jan 25th, 18:00 Europe/BerlinJUnit 5
at JUG Karlsruhe
Citrix – GetGo Germany GmbH, Alter Schlachthof 51
Thu, Jan 19th, 18:30 Europe/BerlinJUnit 5
at JUG Darmstadt
TU Darmstadt, S2|02 Raum C110
Thu, Jan 12th, 19:00 Europe/BerlinJUnit 5
at JUG Mannheim
University of Mannheim A5, 6; Room C013


Thu, Nov 10th, 18:00 Europe/StockholmJUnit 5
at JVM Group Stockholm
Stockholm, Regeringsgatan 20
Tue, Nov 8th, 18:15 Europe/BrusselsJUnit 5
at Devoxx Belgium
Antwerpen, Kinepolis, Room 8
Mon, Oct 31st, 11:45 Europe/OsloJUnit 5
at Trondheim Developer Conference
Trondheim, Clarion Trondheim, Sal 3
Wed, Oct 12th, 16:30 Europe/LondonJUnit 5
at JAX London
London Islington, Business Design Centre
Thu, Sep 8th, 15:40 Europe/OsloJUnit 5
at JavaZone
Oslo, Oslo Spektrum, Room 1
Fri, Jun 24th, 09:00 Europe/WarsawJUnit 5
at Devoxx Poland
Krakow, ICE Congress Centre, Room 1
Fri, May 20th, 12:00 Europe/KievJUnit 5
at JEEConf
Kiew, Parkovyi Convention Center, Track E