Java Next

In this talk we reflect over recent developments and peek into Java's future: the six-month release cycle, the new license and support landscape as well as recent and upcoming features

With Java's switch to a six-month release schedule, the community needs to step up its game to stay up to date. Instead of having a year or more to prepare for a new release, it's a mere three months - we need to be better informed about what's going on to see changes coming before they're out.

This talk:

  • explains the details behind the new schedule and how to stay up to date
  • discusses license and support of JVM distributions
  • showcases Java 9 to 15 language features like var, switch expressions, and records
  • shows the future of Java, brought by projects like Valhalla, Amber, and others
  • looks at features of upcoming releases like pattern matching, value types, and fibers

Afterwards, you will not only know about the immediate future but also how to stay up to date without much effort.


Here's the current version of the slides.

I also embedded them below. If they're focussed, you can navigate with arrow keys or swipes (they're two-dimensional, with chapters on the horizontal axis and chapter content layed out vertically). Use Page Up/Down for linearized order and ? for more shortcuts.


Here's a good recording of the talk. I hope you'll like it.

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Past Presentations

I gave this talk a few times before. See below for links to slides (as they were at that very event), videos, and other information.


Wed, Nov 27th, 18:30 Europe/BerlinJava Next
at JUG Frankfurt
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Adickesallee 1, Frankfurt
Thu, Oct 31st, 18:00 Europe/BerlinJava Next
at JUG Hessen
Kassel, Ing.-Schule Universität, Raum HS 0315, Wilhelmshöher Allee 73
Wed, Aug 14th, 17:30 Europe/OsloJava Next
at javaBin Oslo
Teknologihuset, Pilestredet 56, Oslo
Thu, Jul 4th, 19:00 Europe/BerlinJava Next
at JUG Mannheim
Uni Mannheim A5, 6 im Raum C013
Fri, Apr 26th, 14:00 Europe/KievJava Next
at JEEConf
Kiew, Mercure Congress Hall, Track A
Wed, Feb 27th, 18:00 Asia/Ho_Chi_MinhJava Next
at Java Saigon
Ho Chi Minh City, Quận Tân Bình, 364 Cộng Hòa, 1 Building, Unit 7.10


Thu, Dec 13th, 22:00 Asia/DhakaJava Next
Mon, Oct 22nd, 10:15 Europe/OsloJava Next
at Trondheim Developer Conference
Trondheim, Clarion Congress
Tue, Sep 25th, 14:30 Europe/StockholmJava Next
at jDays
Gothenburg, Clarion Hotel Post, Brevsalen 1
Thu, Sep 13th, 17:00 Europe/OsloJava Next
at JavaZone
Oslo Spektrum, Room 6
Fri, Sep 7th, 10:20 Europe/BerlinJava Next
at Berlin Expert Days
Urania Berlin, Humboldtsaal
Thu, Jun 7th, 13:30 Europe/TallinnJava Next – New Releases, Valhalla, Amber, and More Goodies
at GeekOut
Tallinn, Kultuurikatel, Room 1
Wed, May 30th, 12:00 Europe/RigaJava Next – New Releases, Valhalla, Amber, and More Goodies
at Riga DevDays
Riga, Kino Citadele, Room 3