The Java Module System Beyond The Basics

In this talk, I go beyond the module system basics and present more advanced features for those who want to become their team's module system expert

Java 9 shipped the Java Platform Module System, which brings language-level modularity to the Java ecosystem. But you already know that and even spent some time to learn the basics? That's great because this talk takes you beyond that and shows how to...

  • model finer-grained dependencies and APIs
  • decouple modules with services
  • weigh encapsulation versus reflection
  • analyze dependencies with jdeps
  • safe the day with important command line flags
  • create runtime images with jlink

With this under your belt, you're ready to become your team's module system expert.


Here's the current version of the slides.

I also embedded them below. If they're focussed, you can navigate with arrow keys or swipes (they're two-dimensional, with chapters on the horizontal axis and chapter content layed out vertically). Use Page Up/Down for linearized order and ? for more shortcuts.


Here's a good recording of the talk. I hope you'll like it.

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Past Presentations

I gave this talk a few times before. See below for links to slides (as they were at that very event), videos, and other information.