All About Project Jigsaw On InfoQ

My posts about Project Jigsaw got polished and published on InfoQ.

Over the last few weeks I had the opportunity to polish my posts about Project Jigsaw for InfoQ. The result was published today:

Project Jigsaw is Really Coming in Java 9

Besides refining what I wrote about motivation, goals, the core concept, features and risks it casts light on the history and current structure, and presents the strawman syntax from JEP 200. If you haven't read much about Jigsaw, this is your chance to get a comprehensive view of it.

And thanks to Victor Grazi for his excellent editing and perseverance. It improved and tightened the text noticeably.

Next Steps

Working on the article took a lot of time. (Which is why I count this lousy announcement here as one of the three posts I want to publish each month.) But now that I am done with that the road is clear to experimenting with the module system itself!

This be possible as soon as the current work on JSR 376 is merged into the OpenJDK repositories, which can happen any day now.

Stay tuned.