The Ultimate Guide To Java 9

I'm sure you've heard this and that about Java 9: modularity, collection literals (or not?), private methods on interfaces, etc. But if you really want to know all that's coming, you need this ultimate guide.

Today was the grand opening of SitePoint's Java channel and we kicked it off with the ultimate guide to Java 9. We left out Project Jigsaw because so much has already been written about it and focused on everything else - and there's a lot of it!

  • Language Changes
    • Private Interface (Default) Methods
    • Try-With-Resources on Effectively Final Variables
    • Diamond Operator for Anonymous Classes
    • SaveVarargs on Private Methods
    • No More Deprecation Warnings for Imports
  • APIs
    • OS Processes
    • Multi-Resolution Images
    • Stack Walking
    • Redirected Platform Logging
    • Reactive Streams
    • Collection Factory Methods
    • Native Desktop Integration
    • Deserialization Filter
    • Networking
      • HTTP/2
      • Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS)
      • TLS Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation Extension (TLS ALPN)
      • OCSP Stapling for TLS
    • XML
      • OASIS XML Catalogs Standard
      • Xerces 2.11.0
    • Extensions to Existing APIs, e.g.
      • Optional, Stream, and Collectors
      • DateTime API
      • Matcher
      • Atomic…
      • Array utilities
  • Low Level APIs
    • Variable Handles Aka VarHandles
    • Enhanced Method Handles
    • Dynalink
    • Nashorn Parser API
    • Spin-Wait Hints
  • Deprecations
    • Applet API
    • Corba
    • Observer, Observable
    • SHA-1
  • Removals

Now, don't tell me, you're not curious! Go check it out:

The Ultimate Guide to Java 9