LibFX 0.3.0 Released

Release post for LibFX 0.3.0 including pointers to GitHub, feature descriptions, Maven coordinates and the Javadoc.

I just released LibFX 0.3.0!


The killer feature are transforming collections about which I already blogged a few days ago. I also created an easy way to stream nodes of all kinds of trees. (I didn't get around to write up a wiki page for it yet but when I do, you will find it here.)

And don't forget about the other features:

ControlPropertyListener: Creating listeners for the property map of JavaFX' controls.

ListenerHandle: Encapsulating an observable and a listener for easier add/remove of the listener (I blogged about it here).

Nestings: Using all the power of JavaFX' properties for nested object aggregations.

SerializableOptional: Serializable wrapper for Optional.

WebViewHyperlinkListener: Add hyperlink listeners to JavaFX' WebView.

Getting Started

The links above point to the LibFX wiki on GitHub. It has an article for each feature explaining the concept, giving some examples and pointing to the best resource in the code to get started.

Most key features also have self-contained demos, which can be found in their own source folder.

Finally, there's extensive Javadoc under

Getting LibFX 0.3.0

You can download the jars from the GitHub release site or use your favorite dependency management system:

compile 'org.codefx.libfx:LibFX:0.3.0'

LibFX is licensed under GLP 3.0 but other arrangements can be made - just ping me wherever you find me.