JUnit Pioneer - An Exploratory Mission to Jupiter And Beyond

From growing a community on Twitch to strong documentation, from squashing commits to one-click releases - this presentation covers JUnit Pioneer in all detail

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I may be biased (given I'm its creator), but I think JUnit Pioneer is a pretty cool project. 😊 So I was delighted when Global Summit for Java devs offered me an opportunity to give a talk on it and I could even invite other maintainers to co-present. Our slot was only 40 minutes, though, which meant we had to rush a bit.

So we reconvened on Twitch a week later and took an hour to present it properly. Mihály and Simon were there as well - unfortunately, Matthias didn't feel well that evening and couldn't make it.

We had a great evening, though, and covered pretty much everything Pioneer there is to talk about.

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