Interview About Comments On DZone

Matt Werner from DZone interviewed me about my stance on comments.

Forgetful me. About three weeks ago Matt Werner from DZone gave me a chance to ramble about my rant on commenting your fucking code. We did this in form of a Q&A, which went up on DZone last week. Here you go:

You Should Still Comment Your Code

Luckily I was given the chance to smooth out the rough parts, so it reads better than I sound.

Why Even Talk About Comments?

If you've read my rant and my following thoughts on comments, you know that my perspective is at odds with what many people think about comments in clean code. But there are also many people which share my distrust towards the "comments are a failure" position, that was mainly inspired by Uncle Bob's Clean Code.

So yes, I see reasons to continue talking about comments. Over the next couple of posts (about this topic; don't fret, there will be others) I will try to carve out a position that reconciles my tendency to overdocument with the utter lack of helpful documentation I see on a daily basis.